Top 10 Places To Visit In Manali In 2022– Places You Haven’t Know.

10 Places To Visit In Manali

Manali Travelogue

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Now who doesn’t know places to visit in manali, a blessed town near perfect location in the kullu valley with three different mountains surrounding the place and the Bear River flowing through it. This time i  wanted to explore something new since I had already been to the regular family trip to Kullu Manali back in 2017.Finding and exploring the unexplored tracks was the purpose of the travel now. Manali as a general tourist would know is all about the mall road, the Hadimba temple but actually it is much more than that. As a matter of fact, these places are in close proximity and far less crowded than the main town of Manali and hence profoundly pristine. Here are ten such hidden gems.

1.) Patil Kuhl – The lush green hills, the snowy ranges, the gushing water streams. The place is about 30 minutes’ drive from Manali. A true hidden gem, a place where the song ‘Ao sunao pyar ki ek kahani ‘from the famous movie Krrish was choreographed. You will feel a blissful calm and mental detoxification around this beautiful town.

2.) Soyal – Another unexplored and off beat track for nature lovers is soyal. It is about a 40 minutes’ drive from Manali. It is a camper’s paradise and as locals say, a stream of milk used to flow through this village in the past. Driving from Manali to soyal is only up to a certain point after that one has to cover the Journey by foot via a pebbled road. There are streams, talk trees and c skies at this village. It is surely going to cleanse your soul of all worries and stress. It is a perfect place to experience the beautiful sunset as well.

3.) Goshal – A pretty village near Manali which is about four km from the main town is a pretty village. It is away from the regular hustle and bustle of daily life. A narrow road gradually climbs up to this fairly unexplored place. It is full of orchards, gorgeous snow-capped peaks, quaint properties. A walk to this beautiful quite village is accompanied by the famous Jogini falls visible perpetually throughout the journey.

4.) Majhach – Further away from Goshal is another hidden place near Manali. The rustic village of Majhach, which is about 10 km from old Manali by road. Pretty orchards, deodar forest, shanag, Burwa on the way to Majhach village will definitely awestruck you.

5.)Rumsu – Witness  the rustic charm of Kullu at this pretty locale. This is a perfect place to escape the touristy madness of Manali located on the lesser frequented left bank of Beas at an altitude. This picturesque village is surreal. You can easily gaze at the mighty mountains of kalichang from this pristine village. Rumsu is about 5 km from Nagger and 28 km from Manali. Must visit the ancient Jamlu Devta temple in Rumsu village. It is also the base village for the chanderkhani pass.

6.) Dashal – This village is on the left bank of the river Beas; it is a rustic Kullavi village famous for the centuries old Shiva temple. The pretty Chaplang tibba in the night Dhauldhars will bring a smile on your face. Orchards of fruits like apples, plums, pears etc. will show you how the locals earn a livelihood in kullu valley. Darshal is around 20km from Manali and about 27km from Kullu . This Top Places to visit in manali.

7.) Beasar – This pretty village is surrounded by the deodhar forests. Beasar is located in upper Kullu surrounded by pines, rustic wooden houses and beautiful temples. This Kullavi village is surrounded by Kath – Kuni styled houses. The village also houses 3 beautiful temples dedicated to Kumbhardhan, Birnath and Fugani mata. Beasar can be approached from a link road near Raison is around 15 km.

8.) Humshu – Experience magical sunsets at these hidden meadows of Humshu located in the Fojal valley. The village is absolutely picturesque with the mighty Pir Panjal visible in the distance and high mountains of Dhauldhars up close. Humshu is the place to witness an insanely magical sunset.

9.) Kufri – Don’t confuse the Kufri meadows with Kufri in Shimla. This Kufri meadows is located just above shijuni village near Raison is one of the best hidden places in Kullu and Manali. snow-capped peaks from Kufri meadows are a beautiful sight. kufri meadows was discovered by captain R.C Lee of the British Army. The hike is around 3 km from Shijuni village.

10.) Hallan 2 – The best hidden places near Manali is about 30 km from the main town. It is absolutely blissful and perfect for solitude seekers. You will be amazed by the vibrant autumn colors usually synonyms with western countries. It is a perfect place for offbeat pristine places.

To conclude, hope i have given you a rough sketch about the list of unexplored places near kullu Manali. Plan your excursion and enjoy the nature and warmth of the Kullavi people. Here is top Places to visit in manali.

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