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Europe has an ultra-romanticism which attracts tourists from all over the world. Every Desi traveller now holds the dream of visiting Europe tourist visa at least once in his lifetime. Getting a Schengen visa is not that hard. If you get all your documents sorted, you will not have to worry about getting your Schengen visa on time. Following are the six essential things to know about Schengen visa.

1.) Now, you may wonder which countries that fall in the Schengen area. There are 26 countries that fall in the Schengen region – 23 from Europe and other 3 being Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. You can travel to these 26 countries with a single visa.

2.) Having stated that, it could get confusing as to which country you should approach, to apply for a Schengen visa. As a thumb rule, you apply with the country where you are staying for a longer amount of time. Let me clarify this with an example, say you are staying in Spain for five days, Portugal for five days and Germany for twelve days, then you should apply your visa with Germany. If your stay is equally divided among two countries, then you must apply with the country that you’ll be visiting first.

3.) If you have to travel to a European region that doesn’t fall in the Schengen area, you’ll need a valid visa for that country as well i.e :- if your itinerary is Switzerland with London, then you’ll need to have a valid Schengen as well as a UK visa .If that’s still confusing, send in your application for visa and we’ll get all that sorted for you.

4.) Indians don’t have the facility of visa on arrival for Schengen visa. They need to apply for a Schengen visa before their departure dates and can stay up to a period of 90 days. Mvtsindia is helps you To Make Your Europe tourist visa .

5.) Indians can get a single entry or a multiple entry visa based on their itinerary for 90 days only valid for six months i.e. If you have a multiple entry visa, you can use it over a spread of 6 months, up to its validity. Post that, you’ll have to apply for a new Europe tourist visa.

6.) Know your purpose of visit. This will help you in knowing which visa you should be applying for – tourist visa, business visa, transit visa or the like.

Documents required for Schengen visa: –

  • Schengen application form duly filled and signed.
  • Recent passport size photograph, passport valid for at least three months prior to your departure having at least two blank pages.
  • Confirmed return air ticket with hotel reservation.
  • Secured medical insurance covering expenses up to 30,000 Euros, depending on your duration of stay.

However, you would need the following additional documents staying in a Schengen country.

1.) Bank statements for the last 6 months. In case you don’t have a bank, account or lack sufficient funds, ask a friend or relative to sign an ‘ official affidavit of support’ and carry this original document along with the Schengen visa.

2.) Purpose of visit and duration of travel written down in a letter.

3.) In case you are a first time Traveller, you would be required to submit Your Income tax returns for the past three years, appointment letter, proof of legal entity of the company.

4.) Reference letter from your employer.

5.) Incase you’re the owner of the company, then bank statements and tax returns have to be attracted.

India is one of the most important tourist markets for Europe every year. That number is expected to grow above 15 million. How to apply for a Schengen visa from India?

The application procedure to obtain a Schengen visa in India is pretty similar to that in every other country in the world. In order to apply for a Schengen visa from India you must follow these steps.

  • Figure out which Schengen visa type you need. There are different Schengen visa types depending on your purpose of travelling from India to Europe.
  • Find out where you need to apply for a Schengen visa in India. Pay attention to the embassy/consulate of which country you need to apply at, as well as under the jurisdiction of which you fall.
  • Decide when to apply for a Schengen visa in India. The earliest time you can lodge your Schengen visa application in India is 3 months before your visa application is at least 15 working days before you intend to travel to Europe.
  • Collect the required Schengen visa documents for Indian citizens.
  • Appoint an interview at the visa application center in India. Depending on the country, you make an appointment online, by phone or in person. Below in this article, you can find more information for each EU embassy/consulate located in India.
  • Attend the interview on the day of your appointment. Show up on time and try not to be nervous.Remember that the interview is a crucial part of your visa application.
  • Pay the visa fee – All Schengen states have fixed and synchronized visa fees. For more information check Schengen visa fees for Indian citizens.
  • Wait for the processing of your visa- After the interview, you will have to wait for at most 15 days, for a response on your application. All Schengen visa applications submitted by Indians are processed by the embassies/consulates in India.

Schengen visa requirements for Indian passport Holders:-

When applying for a visa in India, you will have to submit a number of required documents. These documents are crucial, therefore, you really need to be careful when collecting them. Make sure they all all comply with the standards set by the embassy where you are applying. There are additional Schengen visa requirements based on your employment status in India, you will need to submit the following additional documents when applying for a visa to Europe from India.


  • Employment contract
  • Current bank statement, of latest 6 months ( online bank statements are not).
  • Leave permission from your employer.
  • Income tax return ( ITR)form or certificate of income tax deducted at the source of salary.


-A copy of your business license in India.

– company bank statement of the latest six months.

– Income tax return (ITR)


  • Proof of enrollment.
  • No objection certificate from your Indian school or university.


  • Pension statement of the latest six months.


  • Regular income generated by property proof of the latest six months.


The signed application form must be accompanied by the rest of the mandatory documents for Europe tourist visa then handed personally at the correct embassy/consulate or it’s  representatives in India.

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