Good News, International Flight Running From India From March 27 After Two-Year Hiatus

International flight running from India Mvtsindia Images

The long-awaited good news in the travel and tourism sector is finally on the hot list new now. Alas! After the recognition of the rapidly increasing percentage of vaccination courage across the globe and I consultation with the knowledgeable stakeholders. The government of India has decided to resume scheduled commercial international passenger services to and from India from the 27th March, 2022.

After a long suspension of almost two years, since the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19, India has finally announced to resume the regular commercial international flights from 27 march2022 i.e., the start of summer schedule. for two years special flights were operational under air bubble and Vande Bharat mission arrangements which will be revoked from 27th March 2022 onwards. The decision has been taken by the ministry of civil aviation on 8th March 2022. All the international operations to / from India must adhere to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of health and family welfare dated back on 10 February 2022 and amended from time to time.

  • This news means that all sorts of flights will open up, there will be the ability to transit the middle East, European countries, the U.K, fly to U.S, African countries. As well as to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, other south east Asian countries as well.

International flight running from India Mvtsindia Images

This announcement has given a high spirit and vibe of hope to the travel Industry. Looks like a hopeful spring and summer holiday season coming up with great enthusiasm for Inland and International tourists. This news means that all sorts of flights will open up there will be the ability to transit using the middle East or European ports to fly to U. S or Singapore to fly to Japan etc. It will result in likely a drop down in fares as well. will all flights return on day one, the answer is not really? It will also depend on their own country’s closures. But we can surely expect many countries to start resuming flights into India in the coming weeks.

The DGCA has announced that the Air bubble facility will be suspended and the full international capacity will be made available to airlines in both sides.

Is International flights running from India?

Yes, very much soon. India has already announced the commencement of/from international flights Being operational from 27th March 2022. As the aviation ministry has sought the health ministry’s approval to resume regular international flights.

As the domestic air traffic has rebounded fast and fully operational across all domestic sectors of course in tune with the essential guidelines of the health and family welfare ministry. A proposal had been sent to the health ministry regarding the resumption of international flights and the government has been quite proactive with the concern of the travel sector.

ET has reported that all Indians will be able to plan their international holidays from this summer. The Indian airlines operated only 2800 flights approximately at its peak pre covid and breached 80% of the number recently. Now the domestic passenger numbers have rebounded pretty quickly.

The aviation ministry announced last year I e Nov 2021, the resumption of international flights starting from December 15th,2021 but again had to descend the announcement due to the rise of omicron cases. As the third wave of the pandemic diminished, India announced to drop the mandatory requirement around a negative COVID-19 test result report and the compulsory quarantine for fully vaccinated passengers arriving from 82 countries. This was a major relief for travel sector. This decision is fully supported and appreciated as this period of time fully makes sense because several countries across the globe are opening up international flights.

Will flight services resume in India?

International flight running from India Mvtsindia Images

There is finally good news on board i.e., India to resume international flight services from March 27th 2022 after two-year hiatus. As almost all international borders across the world are resuming domestic and international flights so India decided to open up the flight services for international travel. After a big downfall in the travel and tourism sector due to the pandemic situation finally there is a ray of hope and progressive movement to / from India. The positive decision taken by the aviation authority will facilitate trade, commerce, import export business, interpersonal relationships, education and other activities which has almost become nil due to the panic and uncertain natural of the covid 19 pandemic.

But now with all the things fast gaining momentum, the countries on the global level have made it a big success and are all in a pledge to recover the losses caused in the past two years resulting in a down fall of world economy and human life loss. Lessons have been learnt and better hopes now prevail for a upcoming successful recovery period across the International community.

India Has played a big role in handling the pandemic situation quite effectively and managed to service the pandemic waves in a considerably organized manner. India being a vastly polluted and geographically spread country with its diverse culture has shown tremendous unity and oneness in rising above the challenging situations. There are better developments and progressive moves being taken at the national as well as personal level in every home of the Indian family. The losses can never be forgotten but the courage the citizens and the government have shown will surely bring a differently abled and independent India in the soon coming future.

Let all of us be brave to say goodbye to the pandemic devastating memories and also thank the many new opportunities and possibilities discovered which taught us to become more brave, intelligent, consciously progressive humans.

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