10 Mesmerizing Waterfalls In Goa You Should Visit With Family

10 Mesmerizing Waterfalls In Goa mvtsindia india

Goa is a destination which is a sure priority on everyone’s travel list. From the sun-drenched beaches to the little secluded Islands, Goa is filled with nature’s unique gifts. Goa is known worldwide for its beaches, churches beautiful scenic greenery, the Portuguese culture and cuisine but another attraction in Goa is the list of waterfalls which offer a great opportunity for one to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing vacation. I have listed the ten most mesmerizing waterfalls in Goa that you must visit with your family.

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  • Hivre waterfalls – This popular waterfall is in valpoi Goa. It is flooded with nature lovers and hard-core trekkers. It is situated at about a distance of 14 kms from Val poi city. Mostly you will find home stays for tourists in Val poi region. other attractions near Hivre waterfalls are Naruz fort, tambdi surla and Sri Mahadev temple.
  • Dudhsagar waterfalls – The most popular waterfall in Goa. It originates from the mandovi river, plunges down from a height of 130 m,right along the Goa Karnataka border. It is amazingly beautiful with it’s foamy and milky water, gushing sound and surrounding greenery. You also get to enjoy the overnight camping in the surrounding forest area.You can either take a train or rent a bike which are easily available from Kulem.Book your homestay, guest house or hotels in advance. There are other attractions as well near Dudhsagar waterfalls which you must visit like shayadri spice farm and Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary.
  • Netravati waterfalls – This is a photographer’s favourite spot. The waterfall is spread over 211 sq.km area. This is the most beautiful waterfalls in North Goa. It is at 2 hours’ drive from Margao. You will definitely get to watch beautiful birds and spot wildlife. Another beautiful attraction near Netravati waterfalls is Madri wildlife sanctuary.
  • Arvalem waterfalls – This waterfall is famous for its gushing stream. More popular as Harvalem waterfalls, this is a gushing stream cascading down from a verdant hillock of 50mtr altitude, near sanquelim village. Arvalem waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls in Goa. Anyone can reach here by regular bus services or rental bikes from Panaji as well.There are alot of options to stay nearby. other attractions near Arvalem waterfalls are Arvalem rock cut caves and Rudreshwar temple.
  • Bamanbudo waterfalls – A step fall. It is located at the backdrop of Ambe Ghat.There is no need of trekking to reach Bamanbudo, as it is located right on the road. It is one of the unexplored waterfalls in south Goa. Enjoy the serenity of the place and bird watching. The other attractions near Bamanbudo waterfalls are Cabo de Rama fort and cola beach.
  • Kesarval waterfalls – This waterfall has very Pristine views. Also known as Kesarval spring is one of the beautiful waterfalls of Goa and is tucked on the Verna plateau. This waterfall has petal palm plantations all around. This waterfall is located off the panaji Margao highway, it is located 22 kms from Panaji. The water of this water fall is believed to have therapeutic value. Other attractions near Kesarval waterfalls are Santana chruch,Racholfort and mormugao fort.
  • Kusum waterfalls – Nestled amidst lush greens, it is not a very popular one, it is one of the smallest and seasonal cascades in south Goa, it is mostly crowded during monsoon season. Hiking to the waterfall is an existing route for trekkers and adventure lovers. other attractions nearby are Cotigao wildlife sanctuary and Chapoli dam. Book your stay options in advance.
  • Charavane waterfalls – Charavane is a mesmerizing, cascading beauty, located in the heart of the village of the same name. It is mostly in its full beauty after post monsoon. This waterfall is roughly about 12 kms from valpoi city. It is amongst the most off beat Goa waterfalls that is quiet and peaceful.
  • Sada waterfalls – This waterfall is situated with the backdrop of scenic Ghats of chorla, there lies the pretty sada falls. The thrilling trek upto the falls, through sada village has made it one of the most see waterfalls of Goa. The nearest stay options are at Margao. And another amazing place to visit near the waterfall is a fort built by kadambas.
  • Pali waterfalls – It is a waterfall in a quiet and isolated jungle with its ravishing beauty to be an excellent destination. Valpoi village is the place where one has to trek his or her way through the greens to reach this treasure. Best time to visit is from July to October.

So now I’m sure you all are very excited to enjoy in the blue waters of the gusting waterfalls. Plan a family trip soon to Goa and make great memories. These waterfalls will definitely rejuvenate your mental and emotional health.

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